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Dhamma & Natural Duty

Reposted from BIA Facebook page, where previous “Legacies” can be found.

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Buddhadasa Indapañño Archives (BIA)

I’ve spent a significant chunk of the beginning of this Siam visit at the Buddhadasa Indapañño Archives. On Saturday I met with volunteers, both Thai and ex-pat, who have been transcribing and editing the 10-day meditation retreat talks I translated … Continue reading

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Dharma Seed audio

I just learned that talks I’ve given  over the years at Common Ground in Minneapolis are available on Dharma seed. Four pages worth. Here’s the earliest stuff. Peruse at your own risk 😉

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Friends from Big Cities

This gallery contains 13 photos.

We’ve had many delightful visitors this Fall, including two groups from urban sanghas. At the end of August we enjoyed a visit from Insight Chicago friends. Organized by Ellen and Ann, this was the first of our Introduction to Liberation … Continue reading

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