TSoJ’s October 2011 Visit

frisbee with updrafts & audience

This past weekend, ten friends of Tender Shoot of Joy (Milwaukee) blessed us with another delightful visit. Photos were posted by Bethany Sanchez (Facebook) and Jim Zimmerman (Picasa).

TSoJ was last here in October 2010 because a Spring 2011 visit was thrown off by the lymphoma process. That Jo & I were in shape to host, share the beauty & flavors of of LP, and explore Dhamma with them is a satisfying milestone on the recovery road. We much enjoyed everyone’s presence and good-heartedness. Seems they enjoyed their visit, too.

making cider is almost as much fun as drinking it fresh squeezed

We’ve had other visitors in the past month, despite downplaying our availability. We’re still somewhat limited but happy people care. Sharing this beautiful little valley with others is a joy.

Btw, we haven’t moved into the cabin yet, but it is increasingly hospitable.

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