350.org … the time is now

We must stop dithering, both citizens & governments. The odds are high that climate change is real & man-made. The dangers of waiting are real & significant, worse than our governments & business elites want to admit. Here’s another article that explains why: Can Obama Change the Climate? (NY Review) by Bill McKibben. His site 350.org is also worth visiting.

Either we buy the conservative shtick that global warming is a chimera or we do something about it. Either we stick our heads in the mud like those who sell out their grandchildren for current profits & comforts or we ask what must be done. What will guide us: archaic beliefs, greed, ostrichism, laziness, science, compassion, Dhamma?

Here at LP we can arrange our construction budget — small as it may be — to prioritize solar heating and power.This is a hardship for us, as we don’t have much wealth to work with, but Dhamma practice never promised to be easy. How we set priorities, how we spend time & resources, and where we put our energy is what reveals our true values, the values we live by. Liberal wordiness won’t save the planet.

We won’t have certain luxuries here — perhaps that is best in a society that so easily forgets that all our modern conveniences are luxuries — until we can power them responsibly. That means hot water and electrical doodads may not happen as quickly as we would like.

Coal fired power plants are no longer responsible. Nukes are too untrustworthy. Fortunately, every home can (1) conserve and (2) generate a great deal of its own power. We can do that here.

The time to deal with the problem is yesterday.

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