Roofing along

Some of the harder details getting worked out

Some of the harder details getting worked out

The weather has been stupendous, allowing us to make daily progress under pleasant conditions, even as the days shorten.

The farmers, after too many wet days when they wanted dry, are hoping the warm, sunny days continue long enough to dry out their corn.

Will continue on the roofing tomorrow & Thursday. Jo Marie has to fetch some special material for the ridge vents to solve one dilemma and we’re waiting on special screws that UPS was supposed to deliver today. Building has many lessons concerning uncertainty, patience, and fortitude.

One also gets to watch the mind respond to pain (hammered thumb), weariness & aching muscles, hunger, chill (tho not this week), frustration, and more. Dwell on the frustrating bits and it deepens into energy sapping self-pity. Take a gander at the beautiful scenery, breathe deeply, stretch a bit, smile, and the burdens drop.

Mindfulness is always useful.

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