Alternative vs mainstream treatment

Some friends have written suggestion that I pursue alternative treatments or wondering why I haven’t. Let me explain.

First of all, we are already pursuing complementary treatments, that is, non-mainstream approaches that are not at odds with mainstream allopathic care, hence “complementary.”

Second, this is a highly aggressive form of cancer with a reasonable cure rate using standard means. It has developed in a short period of time, perhaps only a month maybe two. This is not a cancer that develops slowly and allows time for slower acting alternatives. Without conventional treatment, the tumor would likely continue to group rapidly and squeeze out lots of healthy functions in the abdomen and pelvis. Very painful and results in death within weeks. An alternative approach would need to reverse that growth within a week and begin shrinking the tumor immediately.

Jo Marie with Dr Wylcox, our main resident during chemo, just engaged

By happy coincidence we have access to the best that conventional allopathic care has to offer and are impressed by the intelligence, kindness, and skill of the medical team here at Mayo. We choose to make use of it now, because to wait would be to abandon this option. We can always try a fully alternative approach later, if need be.

At the same time, we are using complementary practices all along. It goes without saying that my existing meditation, Dhamma, and qigonq practices will be adapted and intensified. I’ve already been receiving homeopathy, had a strong session with an excellent energy worker Jo met, have received one acupuncture treatment with more on the way, and are using some excellent dietary advice.

This complementary approach seems wisest to us and is supported by the complementary healers helping us. In short, we see it as a middle way of healing, not veering to one extreme or another.

Thanks to all who have offered support in so many ways.

May all beings be well.

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