as 2016 draws to a close

hermitage loft

Santikaro is back home, settling in for Winter, after a month with dying father & family in Chicago. My usual Thai trip was postponed. Instead, life practice was with the amazing, frustrating, technically gifted, and in many ways broken healthcare system; and then the more humane and sane end-game of hospice. The latter allowed meaningful time with Dad and for family to support each other. Back home, I continue to digest, reflect, and experience.

So far, Winter has been weird and unpredictable. Sound familiar? Following the shambles of a democratic process otherwise known as “presidential election,” what used to look like a “surprise” appears more like “wow, things have always been pretty messed up, we just weren’t paying much attention because we thought we had it good.” (Note, “we” isn’t everyone, just those privileged enough to avoid the brunt of reality.) Buddha’s first ennobling reality insight hits home more than ever: There is dukkha!

For friends wondering how to live within this bewildering reality, wise words from old friends are good places to turn. Here’s one sample:

And the walls of guest house are ready for mudding. Which reminds me to keep looking for the balance among taking care of daily life chores, taking care of inner stuff, and taking care of our collective well-being (ecology & society).

May all beings be safe & sane.

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