August travels

July brought us good weather. Many little jobs were accomplished and the garden thrived. At the end of the month, Jo Marie & I visited her family out West.

August brings travel for Santikaro, starting with a retreat at Cloud Mountain. A diverse, curious group made for lots of fun.

After a few days back at the ranch, I went with an old friend and two new friends for a week of backpacking on Isle Royale. The weather was great, berries ripe & for the picking, and companionship stimulating. Good healthy fun on America’s least visited National Park. (I’ll post some of the many photos — e.g. mouse & ducks & berries — when the dust settles.)

Next, I leave for a week in Vermont at the Center for Whole Communities. I teach meditation there each summer within their program of retreats for environmentalists.
Will also teach there in early September.

Roger has finished up most of the barn and Jo filled it with hay for the winter. The garden has given us some of its fruits with more plumping up on the vine & stem.

Best wishes & good practice to all.

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