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Who do they think they are?

What dysfunction of conscience and empathy make these guys think they have the right? to take power after a legitimate election? to control key national industries? to gouge the citizenry? to lie, cheat, and steal? and yet call themselves Buddhist? … Continue reading

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something I can do each day

I’ve been immersed in an absorbing book project, editing a major work by Ajahn Buddhadasa. While I keep up with current events, I haven’t commented about them actively. Something changed. The events of January 6th in Washington DC yanked me … Continue reading

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Black Caps*

Their canes are left over from last year, in spring new ones emerge, both catch my clothes when I get close. They leaf out and eventually flower, then the berries start to form: tiny whitish-green at first, then some pink … Continue reading

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On Line Retreat May 16-22 (Covid-19.5)

“Safer at Home” in Covid-19 times is an opportunity for meditative retreat. “Distancing” becomes space for inner work and “isolation” becomes spiritual solitude, as encouraged in the Buddha’s teachings. Santikaro’s scheduled retreats in March, May, and June have been adapted … Continue reading

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New Leadership (Covid-19.4)

Wise words from Amita Schmidt, a dear friend: You might wonder after a pandemic, “Who is going to lead?” A president? The millennials?  Wise elders? Philanthropists? Corporations? Criminals? Instead of “who,” wonder “what?” What in me is going to lead? … Continue reading

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