Blessings come in many forms

The two- & four-leggeds here have been enjoying cooler weather, and a good rain the other night was welcome, too. Last night was our first excuse to fire up the wood stove, though it didn’t turn out to be as cold as predicted. Waking up to the happy glow was heartwarming.

The tomato, pepper, basil and parsley plants supplied by Adrianne & Joe in the spring have been bountiful. I wonder if Kerry, Suzanne, & Martha foresaw this when we all got muddy digging the beds in May. Visiting with & caring for the plants has been another piece of healing and staying healthy.

Have been making use of the new kitchen cabinets, counters, and sink to cook up the largesse in various stir-frys. Very satisfying to cook food tended over the summer in a kitchen built by ourselves, family, & friends, including an Amish cabinet maker. While putting in the sink was rather trying for Santikaro, after a week without leaks he is breathing easily.

Santi’s latest pharmaceutical — currently the only one — is managing to remove excess iron from the system, especially the liver and kidneys were it can do the most damage. So far, none of the potential side effects, some rather nasty, have surfaced. Looking like the process won’t last more than a couple months.

After that, will continue with homeopathy, attention to nutrition & diet, regular exercise, on-going meditation, and some some detoxification to remove lingering chemo & other pharma residues. Soaking in salts on a cool autumn night is our kind of medicine.

This email mentions many blessings. We are grateful for all those who encourage and support us in the many ways, only some of them mentioned above.

May your lives be blessed with the noble treasures encountered in Dhamma practice.

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