Buddhadasa Indapañño Archives (BIA)

I’ve spent a significant chunk of the beginning of this Siam visit at the Buddhadasa Indapañño Archives. On Saturday I met with volunteers, both Thai and ex-pat, who have been transcribing and editing the 10-day meditation retreat talks I translated for Tan Ajahn live back in the late 80s and early 90s. Under Paco’s direction these are being organized for publication on a revamped SuanMokkh.org. (Btw, Paco has been doing wonderful work with the BIA and helping me enormously.)

bia_1142Yesterday I made a quick evening visit to see a dear old friend, The Most Venerable Phra Phaisan. We had a pleasant discussion of current events in Thailand, USA, and the World. While there is much to be concerned about, Dhamma is always available to uplift, protect, and awaken us. I gave him a copy of Leigh Brasington’s new book on the jhanas and we talked about that as well. Since it was Sunday and there were many activities at the BIA I also ran into a number of old students and friends. It was very sweet to see them, exchange warmth and smiles, and catch up on tiny bits of their lives.

Today I’ll be back there for a meeting in the morning (largely about publications and website). In the evening I’ll give a talk on Inter-Religious Cooperation or More Religious Violence? Buddhadasa Bhikkhu’s vision for world peace. (This will be posted on the BIA website.)

bia_1144In my wakeful times, due to jet lag, I helped a French friend develop an essay on Buddhadasa Bhikkhu and Non-Violence (pdf, English version) that she is translating for a French magazine. I much appreciate Jeanne’s provocation to do this, her help in making it happen, and the opportunity to reflect on wise and compassionate responses to recent violence in many parts of the world.



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