Cabin progress 5 & fencing

Final side of the arena

Final side of the arena

A lot was accomplished Saturday with the help of three young Catholic men from Marquette University in Milwaukee. They brought lots of energy, good cheer, and keen wits, plus carpentry skills.

Mike helped Jo Marie finish the arena that has been in progress over the summer. It will be used for horse training.

Jo Marie & Mike nailing fence boards

Jo Marie & Mike nailing fence boards

Meanwhile, Charlie & Carlo were helping me with rafters and other pieces of the cabin.

By the end of the day the cabin’s main core had the makings of a roof, as it continues to frame out & define the space.

Finally, we put up some tarps because of rain expected while I was teaching in Chicago.

Charlie & Carlo among the rafters

Showing off some nifty sawing skill

Cabin from a distance

Cabin with tarps

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