Cabin doors & more

Enjoying the early summer greenery

There is always lots to do at LP, especially in Spring, such as gardening and mowing.

And it’s also time to make the cabin inhabitable, the main project for the coming months (now that the ducks & geese have a snug home). We’ll be finishing up the outside, putting in a septic field, installing electrical wiring & plumbing, and doing the interior over the next few months. Due to various constraints, we can’t say when it will be ready; only that we will keep working steadily.

one of the new doors (bathroom)

The cabin now has proper doors. One in front off of the porch and two in back, out of the bathroom and kitchen. Installing them is one of the easier jobs, as they come pre-hung. Still, it took Santi some time & experiment to figure it out (with help from Dallas & Pam).

While the view from the porch promises to be a joy in all seasons, the views out the other doors aren’t at all shabby.

Looking up the hill from bathroom

From the bathroom door, looking north, we can see up into the hickory and oak woods above, with sky peeping though underneath.

view west from the kitchen door

From the kitchen, looking west, there’s more of the hickory and oak woods, plus raspberries and many other natural riches.

woods in green glory

The site is well protected from winter wind, gets good sunlight, and benefits from some natural cooling effects. Further, it nestles into the trees pretty well, so doesn’t stick out like a banged thumb.

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