Cabin progress 4

Some rafters

Started with some rafters

Over last weekend, Adrianne, Barnat, Andrea, & Joe helped us put up the first walls, which James had helped us assemble.

Yesterday, Robert & Brian from Viroqua helped put up more walls (especially the tall clerestory wall), start installing rafters, and provide lots of experienced tips & advice. Now, the main walls of the core part of the structure are up & about a third of the rafters. It’s finally possible to really get a sense of how it looks in the space and from the road. Please see the accompanying photos.


Brian, Jo Marie, & Robert

I’ve been lifting all kinds of lumber this past week, including 16 foot lengths of 2×10 hem-fir for rafters. I’m amazed — knock on wood — how well this 5 decade old body is holding up, even thriving. Whole body workout without having to go near a gym. It’s fun, challenging, & good-hard work, the sort I was raised to be proud of, and which Ajahn Buddhadasa also extolled.

Framing in the dark

Looks different in the dark

With the help of Carlo & his two buddies from Marquette University, we will put up the remaining rafters tomorrow. Maybe they’ll be able to do some of the heavy lifting  😉


Nice views below, too

Working on top of the foundation, rather than in the dirt building it, allows the views for which we chose the location. We can keep an eye on the horses when they’re down in the pasture along the creek, such as in the image below of them hanging with the neighbors.

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