Cabin progress 7

Joe hammering

Joe hammering

Back from Kansas, we were able to put rafters over the front section, with help from Joe.

Another step towards defining the space (which, btw, is what rupa (form) is about in early Buddhism). This is one of the little lessons of building something material. One’s mind imagines, plans, draws, measures, cuts, shapes, and erects material forms into a structure. One sees it happening before ones eyes and feels it with ones hands (as well as body parts that ache from lifting or were banged up) in ‘real time.’ Many questions are begged: What motivates & moves this building? What is doing this? Does it serve Dhamma? Or does it merely fabricate, limit, and confine?

IMG_1893There are, of course, parallels with how we concoct things mentally (sankharoti). But that’s seldom as obvious & tangible as building something physically.

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