Cabin work 2

Painting the deck

Painting the deck

With help from Adrianne, Joe, & Jo Marie, the cabin’s foundation system was finished over Labor Day weekend and a day. Many others contributed to it previously. This means the posts & beams are covered by joists filled with denim insulation (old blue jeans) and that’s topped off with a chip-board deck.

This platform is ready for erecting walls. Lumber is on its way and we’ll begin cutting it to the needed lengths. This coming weekend, two sets of volunteers — one from Milwaukee & one from La Crosse — will help put up as many walls as we can. It may rain a bit, which would slow things down; or we might get a lot done. All depends on causes & conditions.

Deck is semi-waterproof & ready for walls

Foundation deck painted & ready to support walls

Anyway, rain can be an opportunity to share tea & converse regarding fun, inspiring, & Dhammic matters.

The help we are receiving is gratifying, both for moving the work along more quickly & easily and for the fellowship. September is a delightful month weather wise, apples are starting to ripen, and a few trees have begun to turn color. Come on by, if you have the time & urge.

We aren’t sure how many of the doors & windows we can afford to put in this fall. If anyone would like to sponsor a window or door, please email Santikaro.

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