Chemo cycle 4


Round four Team: Dr. Carrie Thompson is on the far right


I checked back into Rochester Methodist Hospital yesterday afternoon and the 4th cycle of chemotherapy commenced in the evening. This cycle should run three & a half days.

So far there aren’t any nasty side effects but the nurses and I are kept busy managing fluid intake & output, and blood PH, both related to the amelioration of the chemo drug I’m getting today. Not exactly fun but by no means a hell realm either. The good natured nurses ma

ke it all easier and college basketball tournaments provide amusement.

Will probably return to Generosity House on Sunday.

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Just before coming back to Mayo, I was able to spend a few days in Norwalk with Jo Marie and the family. Friend Merri drove up from Des Moines last weekend to visit and then we drove over to LP so that she could visit with Jo and see LP.

carrying car siding through the mud

The horses and cats are fine, as lovable as ever. The kitties even seemed glad to have me home, Flopsy especially was happy to have her cushion back. The ducks and geese have done well all winter and are now laying more eggs as the days increase. W

e thought the duck eggs were big; the geese eggs are humongous.

After those pleasant days, Jo continued organizing work for the cabin. She picked up car siding from a local Amish miller and carried it to the cabin. I was able to help a bit, but she did the heavy lifting. (I’ll share more about cabin progress in the next blog.)

dinner with the Nopar-Thomases

On the way back to Rochester Tuesday evening, old friends Duck Nopar & JoAnn Thomas invited us for dinner. We enjoyed tasty food, good conversation, and the conviviality of warm friendship — a great blessing.

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