Chemo dripping along

Checked back into the hospital yesterday morning and am back on Station 74, my home away from home away from home through mid-June. Familiar place, now, with many familiar faces, and familiar routines. Interesting, I guess, to feel comfortable in the “cancer ward,” but I am comfortable here, which isn’t the same as wanting to live out my life here.

Took a while for medication orders to get processed, so the chemotherapy proper didn’t begin until the afternoon. As it will take 3 full days, I’ll be finished here Monday evening or maybe Tuesday morning. Then back to Generosity House and out-patient stuff. All “plans” subject to change.

do you recognize these guys?

Marianne from the local Sangha brought a delicious and wholesome Shepard’s pie for my lunch, plus some other tasty extras. Being in the hospital with a serious lymphoma isn’t a barrel of laughs, but there can be plenty of bright moments.

May your day have many bright moments, and relax with the not so bright.

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