Chicagoland retreat April 29 – May 1st

While we have plenty of people to do the upcoming Insight Chicago retreat, there is plenty of space for a few more folks who could use a long weekend with breathing, noble silence, and exploration of mind.

Caring, Insight & Freedom: Contemplation of Breath, Body, & Mind

April 28 – May 1 at Portiuncula Center for Prayer, Frankfort,. IL

For those in the Chicago Area, or not too far away, Insight Chicago’s spring retreat will be held next week at the lovely Portiuncula Center for Prayer in Frankfort, IL (southwest suburb, just south of I-80 near Hwy 45). Arrive Thursday morning so we can start that afternoon.

Santikaro will continue to guide mindfulness with breathing as a foundation and vehicle for exploring lived experience. This retreat will also explore the caring attitude and gentle perseverance important to deeper practice and various approaches to contemplating and coming to terms with the strange world we call “mind.” All of this is in service of direct, clear seeing that liberates us from egoism, engenders confidence in our own lived Dhamma, and contributes to a healthier shared world.

This retreat will take place in noble silence with plenty of time for sitting and walking meditation. Group interviews with Santikaro will be available for everyone. The food is simple and adequate.

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