Christmas Blessings

mid-day Christmas sky

mid-day sky over LP

As our Christian sisters and brothers celebrate the birth of their Mahasatva (great being) who, like the Buddha and others, modeled a life of compassion and selflessness, taught much needed wisdom, and inspired many millions to be better humans, may we all rededicate ourselves to Peace on Earth, Metta to All Beings. May these dhammas be born within us today, with this breath, and the next, and the next.

looking down into the woods

For me, this is an especially poignant Christmas season. A year ago, I was undergoing chemotherapy that dissolved a huge tumor in my pelvis. Today, I am in relatively decent health with much to be grateful for, especially all the family & friends who helped get us through this; the hospitality of Doug, Donna, and others in Rochester; and, most of all, Jo Marie.

lots of lovin'

Recent months have been among the happiest of my life. Sure, there have been health & recovery setbacks. Scanitis and other anxieties tend to resurface through the uncertainties. Etc. Yet, this year has taught me how to appreciate & enjoy what I have today more than what I might lose later. It has taught me deeper sensitivity towards & compassion for the struggles that just about everybody is going through in life. It is teaching me how to take better care of this body and those around. I’m less caught in expectations and am smiling more.


Through transient sadness and worry, the profound natural hope of Dhamma and joy in life is stronger and more lasting.


In honor of the recently departed Elder, Vaclav Havel, you might want to read some of his speeches and essays, such as this one given in Bangkok in 1994. His message of hope and commitment can still warm our hearts and inspire.


Mindfulness is about both the present moment and recollecting what matters in this moment — Peace on Earth, Metta to All Beings — one breath at a time.

May all beings be well, joyful, healthy, and safe.


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