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Blessings to Alexander Matthew Lacz, his parents Jessica and Al, and his extended family (of which I’m a part) on the auspicious occasion of today’s christening. May the wisdom and love of the “anointed one” guide Alex’s inner life, along with the rest of us.

gracious sharing

Meanwhile, chemo ended last night, there was some final wrapping up at the hospital this morning, and I returned to Generosity House this afternoon. Settled in and happy. No major after effects of the chemo so far. Blizzard looks more like a storm here in Rochester.

To close, an important perspective passed along by Rodney concerning Nelson Mandela’s struggle to overcome his image as a saint:

“Maybe that is why he is so disturbed by his transformation into a saint. It was not because he was removed from others, removed from evil, that he prevailed. It was by plunging into what was negative in himself and the aching world around him that he was able to develop ‘whatever is good,’ as he puts it in his book. How did he do this? One word keeps cropping up, over and over: integrity. His own integrity and his confidence that it exists in everyone on this planet, no matter how harshly hidden by fear and intolerance, and that if you appeal to the best in others, they will, ultimately, respond. But they will do so only if they sense that you are being true to yourself and your values, your desire for a more just and humane world, that you are ready to draw a line in the sand of history.”
(from Ariel Dorfman’s recent article in The Nation)

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