Contractors at work

After waiting almost all summer for the ground to dry up, the hillside was finally ready for installing the septic tank and field. Work just began, then we had a day of brief T-storms. Hopefully the work will pick up again on Monday.

excavating the hillside

The root cellar is doing better. It’s located just above and to side of the garden, uphill from where we plan to build the kitchen-dining-utility buildings. Dave did the excavation on Wednesday.

pouring the floor

pouring the floor

Then his workers framed and poured the floor Thursday.They work pretty quickly.

The walls will go up next, followed by roof. After that soil will get moved back in place and we will seed in native species.

front footings

front footings

By the way, we had to remove five apple trees. They will become firewood, spoons, and other useful things. As it is, we can’t handle all the apple trees and they are taking over in some places.

Next stage is to install the outdoor plumbing from well to root cellar to various locations.

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