Cycle 2 continues

Santikaro on a good day

Spent the day going through the chemo regimen, chatting with the nurses, tracking the infection,
and generally being comfortable with the situation.

Enjoyed a shower and energetic walk in the morning, followed by another excellent lunch cooked by Marianne.

writing leisurely

I’ve also been working on a reflection using the four ennobling truths to explore the balance between understanding disease and understanding health.

Doug Nopar & Doug McGill

Later in the afternoon, both Dougs dropped by.

We watched the Bears avoid serious embarrassment at the hands of the Packers, shared personal histories, and wondered how quality health care could reach more people more effectively.

The only way, I believe, is to stop for-profit corporations (including pseudo-non-profits that behave just like the for-profits) from making excessive profits off of the pain, fear, and desperation of patients, their families, and their employers.

Sadly, the American way probably values profits over human well-being, ethics, and concern for
each other. But I’d love to be proven wrong 🙂

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