Visualization practices

Due to leakage from recent lumbar puncture, I need to stay horizontal for as much of the next few days as possible. Jo Marie caught the problem and Amy, a PA at Station 74 set things right, so I’m in decent shape again, free of excruciating headaches and nausea.

Our dear friend Vanee from Onalaska, who with her partner Terry have been among LP’s biggest supporters, has many talents. The one I’ve just learned about and am directly benefiting from during this adventure is that she is trained, as an MD, in hypnotherapy. She has been teaching me some self-hypnosis techniques. As far as I’m concerned these are meditative practices that easily integrate with anapanasati and other practices I do.

One of the goals in this post-chemo situation is to promote the growth of new white blood cells in the bone marrow. To that end I received an injection of a growth factor yesterday. Further, there is evidence that white blood cell production can be fostered by visualizations. Here’s what I came up with this morning.

After breathing, relaxing, and letting go, I started to spread golden light around the body with focus on the main bone marrow areas. I searched for an image-metaphor. Little factories didn’t suit me. Little ovens baking the cells was more appealing but didn’t seem right. Then I thought of gardening and immediately of our dear friends Adrianne and Joe, who have been immersing themselves in organic gardening. We’ve enjoyed the bounty of the efforts.

So now I have little little Adriannes and Joes in my bone marrow cultivating all kinds of healthy, nutritious lymphocytes. It’s very easily to smile glowingly while visualizing this.

Vanee has taught me a couple techniques and how to apply them to pain, nausea, and other uncomfortable symptoms. These are simple effective gifts that anyone can learn.

Thank you, Vanee.

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