Dhamma & Grief

Sometimes I feel like a failed Dhamma wayfarer as I struggle with grief and loss. Our friend Viriya helps me reframe….

Dear Jo,
this goes terrifyingly fast. As each new development is a shock for me I can
not even imagine how you must feel. To be powerless is the truth of anatta
but every time we are confronted with this truth it is hardly bearable. May
you have the strength and patient endurance to see it through.

Santikaro is so grounded in the Dhamma that he will make the most of this
situation, yet it is a terribly tough lesson. May he be free from pain and
clean, clear and calm in mind.
Take Care

Santi is tolerating chemo well and the abdominal tumor which grew to 18 centimeters in a month is already shrinking visibly. As the chaos of initial diagnostics has subsided and we’re settling in for the long haul, Santi is moving more into retreat mode. I’m spending some nights away so we can each practice in solitude and tomorrow I’ll go home for the day.  Please join us in practice from where you are when you can. We hope everyone is having a very peaceful weekend, and holidays if you’re celebrating.

Much Metta to you All,


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