Dhamma Study in 2010

With friends in Chicago, we’ve planned two programs of study for 2010.

The first is hosted by Insight Chicago and will explore the foundation teachings of early Buddhism. This series is suitable for newcomers to Buddhism, as well as experienced meditators who wish to review the core teachings. Details and readings for this series appear here.

The second is a continuation of the Oak Park group that has continued ever since we moved to Wisconsin. We will look into some of the defining teachings of Buddha-Dhamma, starting with sunyata (emptiness) as found in the Pali suttas, the Heart Sutra, and Nagarjuna’s classic The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way. Details and readings for this series appear here.

We’re also working on a third series for local groups, as well as folks in Kansas. Details will be posted when they are worked out.

You are welcome to follow these readings thru the website. Some audio materials will be posted as we go. If any questions arise along the way, please feel free to send them to the Buddhadasa Yahoo group.

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