Dharma Zephyr on Lake Tahoe

Dharma Zephyr, good friends from western Nevada, hosted a week-long retreat at Camp Galilee on the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe in early November. Threatened storms brought no snow but lots of rapidly changing and fascinating weather. Views from the shore invited many Dhamma contemplations, along with sniffles. I especially dug deep into the dhatus (elements, fundamental physical properties). The inner winds were normally calmer than outer.

Inside we were snug and comfy. The food was healthy and tasty. The companionship was warm, intimate, and supportive of deeper inquiry into¬†Under the Bodhi Tree. Consequently, I spoke about inquiry quite a lot. Here’s a summary of how I understand inquiry (dhammavicaya):


Rather than take the usual academic approach of the so-called “12 links,” we explored some of the main ways of getting into the practical relevance of paticcasamuppada (dependent co-arising). This usually took the form of closely exploring how various “linkages” play out in our minds and lives. Each linkage is a dependent co-arising). One example is the relation between clinging and craving. This clip also demonstartes a non-materialist reading of this essential teaching:


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