Driftless dreaming

We moved here and took the big step of establishing Liberation Park as an socio-ecological-Dhammic experiment because the driftless region‘s beauty and bounty, with small farms and lots of organic food, with woods and streams, with bike trails and cheese, offered plenty of possibilities for a young Dhamma refuge. We have not been disappointed in that choice. To be honest, we find much joy here, and meaning, and friendship.


As building and life at LP grows (see recent blogs), a vision for participating in the larger community of our township, county, and region is beginning to gather form. This is an emerging process with bursts of insights and long periods of slow digestion. “Driftless dreaming” will remark some of the pieces as they become clearer, yet still evolving, tentative, fully subject to the laws of inter-dependent co-arising and uncertainty.

We take this coulee and its region to be a good place to live. We want to live here. Why? What makes this a good place to live?

This is the question I want to ask neighbors and as many denizens of the driftless as I can.

My own responses to the question could be added here, but I’m new to this community. (In the eyes of some, I’ll always be new, just as in Siam I was always farang.) Better to inquire and listen for a while. At least I’ll try.

What do the old-timers think and feel about this area? What do the farmers, business people, school teachers, vets, and all think and feel about it?

natural mulch

Will we find any commonality? Shared values? Room for deepening the conversation?

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