Finishing the upper bits

Clerestory looks out upon the valley

Clerestory looks out upon the valley

Not only did we install the clerestory windows Thursday, the roofing metal arrived. More siding goes on as the windows are installed; trim will be added soon.

The clerestory not only provides warmth & light in the winter, it offers great views of the valley, woods, pastures, weather, birds, and horses.

Thursday was a sunny day; hence, pleasant for working. Friday was not as sunny & was somewhat breezy but still more than warm enough.

With Robert of Viroqua laying things out, an Amish friend adding energy & expertise, and Mike providing essential “ground support,” a significant chunk of the roofing was installed. Robert got things started such that Jo Marie & I can continue filling in over the next few days. Weather allowing — forecasts are favorable — the roof should be “done” w/in 4-5 days. (Of course, once it installed it is subject to the elements, change, dents, rust, and the rest of Samsara.)

I feel tremendous gratitude! We’ve been working full on since Sept 1st and the cabin exterior gets more finished each day. It’s close enough to finished that I can to leave for Siam for a month. Confidence in the powers of Dhamma in the forms of good-will, hard work, and grounded intelligence is being verified.

This couldn’t have happened without all the help, advice,  and support (food, financial) that has been provided by friends far & near. I’m satisfied that we’ve reached this point and deeply grateful for all those who made it possible. (Btw, funding remains tight.)

Many thanks to all beings, many thanks to Dhamma.

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