First snow of the season

We’re getting our first snow and it’s a wet, sloppy one with a few inches of accumulation until temps rise tomorrow. Not quite winter, yet, but a pretty good foretaste … and messy (not sure how pictures will turn out). Glad we got the driveway graveled. (See next post for pix.)

The latest blood counts (from Monday) showed further improvement. Neutrophils climbed into the healthy range. While a few values aren’t up to snuff, overall pretty good. For now. So might not have any health reports for a while 😉  (In fact, I will avoid sending them unless there is something more significant than the usual ups & downs.)

We’re still working on getting ready for winter, for which there is always much to do. Among the many things she does, Jo is protecting the flock’s quarters from winter blasts, protecting soils recently disturbed by the driveway improvement, and storing up hay for the horses. The animals are a big part of our lives and we get lots of caring questions about them, so please know they are well taken care of, in good hands.

I continue to make steady, tho slow, progress on getting the cabin ready for humans. And a week with lots of teaching (Northfield, La Crosse, Eau Claire) has passed with much enjoyment.

Please don’t mind the rather prosaic report. We may be entering a more quiet phase with winter coming and health, hopefully, not too complicated.

Lots of love.

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