Flooring, tiling, enjoying

perhaps the last storm of winter?

Since returning to Norwalk, I’ve been able to participate in the cabin again, tho not able to do much physically.It’s a joy to be watching the progress up close.

With help and advice from Roger, we’ve acquired the cement board and other materials needed for the kitchen, bathroom, and utility floors. Heroically, Jo, Roger, & Carlo were up at the crack of dawn to schlepp the stuff to the cabin while our muddy road’s mud was still frozen, hence, drivable.

discussing old projects and weird ideas, plus what to do next

Roger, Carlo, and Dave (my Dad), then, laid and screwed down the cement board.

another project ... someday

Jim & piew knew what they were doing

Today, Jim & Piew from Madison brought tiling tools and started putting down the kitchen floor. Tomorrow, we should be able to do the bathroom floor, and maybe the walls around the tub.

Grouting & sealing will follow in the coming week. Soon, the plumber can return to hook up toilet, tub, & water heater = further steps towards an inhabitable space.

While I can’t do much to help, except with thought & mouth, I can very well appreciate the good will, skill, and cheer of Jim, Piew, Roger, Carlo, and my parents (Ruth & Dave) as they navigate a rather cluttered workspace and move it forward without anyone getting hurt.

That so much of the cabin has been built with donated labor, including mine and Jo’s, is a sign that much can be done with dana.

As the US economy continues to crumble for all but the elite, perhaps middle class folks will find refuge in generosity, caring, and sharing, maybe even in solidarity with the poor. There may be little choice given how little choice our political system offers. Dana could take on all sorts of creative meanings.


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