Four days at home

We have enjoyed being home together with horses, cats, and birds. I was ready to get out of the institutional setting; Jo was ready to have me closer to home, that is, easier to keep an eye on. Now we can both enjoy each others’ company, even as we go about our various business. Jo has been working from home and rescuing cats, which includes neutering the males. I have been reading, unpacking (from last year’s Siam trip), Dhamma corresponding, and plotting to rebuild a more sane and healthy lifestyle than before. We help each other out, discuss some of the pending issues of LP. and inquire into Dhamma.

From One Scythe Revolution

While my legs got some work walking to and from the hospital and around Rochester, my upper body has gotten quite weak. AS I’m not all that good at exercise for its own sake, I’m ready to start exercising via healthy physical labor. Jo had the brilliant inspiration to buy a scythe, so I’m learning how to mow with it. As we have lots of grass at LP, there is plenty of space to practice. It should be fun and healthy, not to mention of practical benefit (clearing paths, etc).

I just had my first go at it. Its a lot quieter than gas powered weed whackers and doesn’t belch fumes. The scythe is much lighter than our weed whacker and much more ergonomic in design. If we get good at this sort of mowing, it will likely save us buying a tractor. Further, this is another contribution, albeit small, to sane living and energy conservation. See these pages and these or these for more thoughts on that.

We’re learning a style of mowing that might be called “tai chi style.” Some tai chi principles are adapted and one mows with the breath. Idealistically, that’s a bonus.

Huey & Duey

Thursday we sadly said goodbye to Dad/Dallas and sent him back to Walla Walla. Special thanks to Pam for holding down the farm, cultivating the corn, tending the cows, protecting Culvert from a coyote, and reminding Jo to cut me lots of slack. We named one of the rescue kittens after Dad, so the other had to be named Houston. If we can find him, there will be an Austin, too.

Best wishes to all.

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