Friends from Big Cities

We’ve had many delightful visitors this Fall, including two groups from urban sanghas. At the end of August we enjoyed a visit from Insight Chicago friends. Organized by Ellen and Ann, this was the first of our Introduction to Liberation Park weekends. Through a series of experiments with Tender Shoot of Joy in Milwaukee, we’ve worked out a Friday evening through Sunday afternoon format that introduces practitioners to the land and facilities, how we do things and what we have to offer. Food provided and shared by participants. Apple cider was squeezed. There were meditations under Uncle Hickory and in the back pasture. Dhamma reflections and dialogues were scattered throughout. The Chicago group, including one who has relocated to Madison, were good sports, enthusiastic, lively, and excellent guests. See the photos below, provided by Kavita, Nohemy, and Santikaro.

The last weekend of September brought friends from TSoJ for the second time this year, as in past years. The format put more emphasis on meditation and noble silence, tho some of the participants were at LP for the first time.The hermitage was officially occupied, having recently passed final inspection. As always good food was shared and the Dhamma of Nature was running through us all.

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We appreciate those who are able to rough things until the guesthouse is built in 2016. We hope to host more Introductions to LP then.

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