From postholes to posts

posts_9340With yeoman expertise in perfecting the art of digging clean, straight, well plumbed postholes, Doug carried on with the remaining holes needed for the foundation.

posts_9346This was aided by grade-school geometry and clever tricks learned from earlier escapades auguring, cleaning out, and digging postholes for the barn, cottage, and woodshed.

posts_9370Once we set the first row of four posts, we were able to use them and the above tricks to get the remaining holes spot on (despite a small tree stump that had to be dug up).

stump_9367Setting & plumbing the remaining row of posts was a piece of cake, so to speak.

After rectifying a boo-boo in ordering the 2x10s that will become the beams resting on the posts, we’ll attach the beams.

At the start of August (Santikaro is away for a retreat the second half of August), if causes & conditions cooperate, the rest of the hermitage will start going up.

b-flies_9392p.s. To & from the hermitage site, we enjoyed these butterflies flitting about. They especially enjoyed the milkweeds, which are among the currently flowering beauties of the land.

posts_9380p.s.s. An “Open House” is being planned for October 5th. Please save the date.

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