GH9: drying out

Sunday’s forecast rain was slight and petered out quickly. Then some sun began the drying out. Still muddy around the site, so a week without rain, more sun, and a couple days of breezy should do some good. Looks promising for walls and more rising. And by Tuesday morning the immediate construction site wasn’t slippery.

Sid was able to make use of Saturday’s lack of rain to put in the concrete sono-tube footers for the porch posts. The images below give a sense of how much lovely porch area we will have.

And I’ve included some Fall images now that the season has fully arrived. Please click on one of them for slide show.

Contributions continued to arrive last week, along with dana from the study retreat Santi lead at Cloud Mountain. More needed over the months ahead.

This is a week when the building really shapes up, literally. Please pardon the joy and enthusiasm of numerous posts. The daily changes are amazing.


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