Getting ready for Winter

Full woodshed 2014

Full woodshed 2014

With lots of loading, hauling, and stacking by Jo (with help from her mum), as well as some cutting and splitting by Santi, the wood shed is well stocked for winter.

As the Orso clan will be spending time with us, we want plenty of wood for their stove, too, especially if its as cold winter as last year.

As it is, just in time for the first snow of the season and a string of hard frosts (as seen in these dawn images).

first snow of the season

first snow of the season


We’ve been consolidating the Norwalk “office” into the caretaker’s cottage at Liberation Park proper. The downsizing has been hard work and a powerful reflection on “stuff” — yet another arena for ‘letting go.’

It’s good to have more book shelves in the cottage and to consolidate my working library here. With study programs mushrooming, having all the key references handy in a cozy location will help warm the winter months.

The Guest House fund raising appeal is receiving a good response. You can learn more about it and track progress here.

Sipporah Orso taking after a recent POTUS

Sipporah Orso taking after a recent POTUS (although she has better scholarly prospects)

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