Getting some work in on the land

It’s a joy to be working on the land again. According to the book Anti-Cancer it’s also good therapy. Jo & I have a difficult six months ahead of us and the end of the chemotherpy doesn’t mean we’re all better, but some joy sure helps.

forgot to bring the camera when Austin & Bret were digging

Yesterday, Austin came over from Viroqua for a good chat and to help out with something needing to be done. He brought along Opal, his rat terrier.

Ever since the septic field was put in last Fall, water has run down the road to the barn making for more mud than before and more trouble for the truck when Jo needs to haul hay and other things. Austin and I (with him doing 60% or more of the work) dug a 26′ trench across the top of the road where it crosses a small gully. However, the drain tile left over from the cabin was short by about 6′.

By the time we got back from Sparta with more drain tile, Cindy & Bret had returned from their bike ride along the trail to Sparta. Bret decided to join us and took over my shovel. I was promoted to foreman, not having any strength left for shoveling dirt and mud. We laid in the drain tile and filled in the trench handily, except for some mud that needed drying out.

I finished things up today, tho thanks to a light rain and overcast sky the mud hadn’t dried out all that much. My body is a bit tired and sore but it feels better than when I lay around resting all day long. It’s good for the heart to be out on the land for hours at a time, to care for the ducks and cats in the morning, to visit with the horses, to enjoy the sky and clouds, and to be grateful for the beauty and blessing of the land we are allowed to steward for LP. I’m also learning to cook wholesome food for the two of us, especially while Jo’s job is demanding a lot of her.

waiting at the barn for morning human

More or less finished for the day, and really needing rest after climbing back up the hill, I sat on the porch of the cabin and read a bit in the rain, then meditated for a few bits more. If I can keep this up with balance and joy, should be able to heal and strengthen over the months ahead. Despite anemia, fatigue, and weak muscles, one can carry on.

Needing to get up early enough to let the flocks out of their coop and feed the barn cats is a good start to the day.

Many thanks to Austin, Opal, Bret, and Cindy.

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