GH13: Guest Cottage, tucked up beside the root cellar

This past week, along with further work on the guest house — decking, soffits, & windows — the guest cottage was framed up and roofed. You’ve seen pictures of its foundation and floors. Here’s what’s just gone up.

While the guest house is funded, we still need help paying for the cottage. Can you help us finish this abode for longer stay folks who will help look after the valley, facilities, and guests?

A resident apartment was part of our earliest plans but was dropped because we didn’t think we could afford it. In retrospect, it would have made the guest house too big for its location. The guest cottage was added to the project because it serves a real need and we realized that funding was feasible. Further, building it along with the guest house was more cost effective and would minimize disturbance to the land. It is shaping up to be a sweet spot for a dedicated cultivator who aspires to Dhamma service. It may also be used for shorter stays.

We look forward to landscaping around the cottage come Spring.

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