GH14: Lookin’ Purty

Work on the guest house and cottage has continued steadily, though not always photogenically. I’ve got lots of images and not enough time to post. It is pre-winter busy here tho the weather has been anything but winter.

siding_2686Most of the siding is done and Ross has been doing more good things with the porch. We are happy with how it’s shaping up and hope you are too. Picture it without the dumpster and with prairie landscaping, bushes and shrubs, vines, and small trees in front and all around.

A milestone was reached Tuesday when the power hook up was completed by our electrical co-op and hard work by Chris & Isaiah the electricians. This entailed a lot of trenching in difficult, tight spots to get a new line to caretakers’ cottage and to the guest cottage. And they did it!

power_2646Internally, electrical wiring and the heating system are in. Plumbing and radon mitigation are in progress. Then, insulation, sheetrock, painting, bathroom tiling, and flooring.

The building inspector is also impressed. Many thanks to excellent contractors.

We are still looking for another $22,000 (more or less) to cover all costs between now and when the final interior trim and cabinets are done.



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