GH18: Walls, Taping, Mudding, & Sanding

The taping, mudding, and sanding of the sheetrock (drywall) took more time than expected, but some things always do. This was compounded by bi-annual January thaw that created very icy conditions, especially on our driveway. Nevertheless, the walls were done by the start of this week.

Texture and paint have already been sprayed on (see next post). Upstairs flooring is in place, too, and Brandon is tiling the showers. He’s good!

Ross and his crew will be starting the trim next week, including putting in the cabinets. Also, washer, dryer, fridge, and range have been ordered. We’re happy with how it’s turning out and hope you are, too.

Much gratitude to all who have supported this project and our on-going work. Your generosity and patience are bearing fruit here. May the biggest fruits be in hearts-minds-psyches-bodies liberated from greed, anger, fear, confusion, and egoism.

Bows to All Beings!

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