GH7: heavy rain delays

Since the concrete floors were poured on September 14th, not much has happened due to the continuation of this year’s rainy tendencies. Our area is already way above average yearly rainfall totals, as exemplified by flooding in Monroe (ours) and surrounding counties, mudslides, a train derailment, and deaths. With the lay of our land flooding is only possible down around where the creek flows. Around the construction site flooding is not possible — just lots of mud and erosion. Fortunately, Jo Marie put down straw and seeded in rye, which sprouts quickly and puts down good roots.

Beginning to dry out but more rains Saturday. After that might stay dry enough to start raising walls and more next week.

Many thanks to our intrepid contractors who have dealt with our difficult site, and the weather, with grace, intelligence, and good humor.

And thanks to you for following the progress.


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