GH8: colored concrete floors

The lower floor of the guest house and the only floor of the guest cottage are colored concrete. They were poured on September 13th and since we’ve had a lot of rain, delaying further work. This post brings things up to date.

After the under floor plumbing was completed by Roy, Sid’s team re-leveled the gravel. Then Jason put down insulation so that the Flock guys could lay down the in-floor pex tubing (see post G6 for details). On Tuesday the 13th, Sid’s team was back along with the pump and concrete trucks.

As work resumes this first week of Fall, we continue to fund raise. Work will continue steadily and the funds accumulated through hard work and generosity will be spent. Interior work is not yet fully funded.

Forecasts are for a dry week after today’s rain. Hopes of walls rising are high.

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