golden light after a good rain

Last night, a bit before dusk, the countryside around LP was beautiful, more beautiful than usual. I’d been doing little garden & other chores in the light rain that continued after the initial downpour — appreciated by garden & gardeners — so I was a bit wet. But very happy. The garden is looking good, the skies were gorgeous with shifting clouds, and a golden light permeated everything. The light highlighted the lushness of the green, after corn, soy, grasses, & trees had soaked up the rainwater. This is the way spectacular occurs in the Midwest.

I continue to learn how to practice “the next right thing” (AA) and “it’s finished everyday” (Ajahn Buddhadasa), as well as help others to stay in the present doing whatever needs to be done, whether dig, carry, hammer, saw, chat, rest, drink, laugh, look at the sky, pet horses, or whatever causes & conditions call for.

Tan Ajahn also observed, “enjoying ones work is happiness while working.” A truism? Common sense? Perhaps, but so many of us forget or are unable to practice this so simple secret of life. Work and practice need not be at odds. Much depends on our attitude to both and the Dhamma vision we carry. Is practice an escape from life, seeking peak experiences, bliss, meditative wonders, or special abilities? Or is practice the duty of the moment, which can encompass meditative absorption, insight, chanting, bowing, eating, making compost, hauling manure, and everything else that is worth doing.

Practice is letting go of whatever entraps us in ‘me’ and ‘mine.’ Practice is for everywhere and all times. Just like anyone can cook (Ratatouille), everyone can practice — right-here-now.

More rain fell overnight. Cloudy & humid today.

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