good help, good cheer

We are thick into Fall — changing colors, apple cider, garden harvest, hickory nuts, and falling temperatures. Tho time is running out on projects we hoped to accomplish this year, with help from friends we’ve been able to get a lot done since Santikaro returned from 6 weeks of teaching.

First, Brad & Mike helped to put new flies on the tents. Fingers are crossed that the new arrangement will enable the flies to weather winds better than the old ones. The consensus is that they look better and there are fewer guy ropes to navigate around. (images)

Next, William & Jen helped us fence off a large confinement area for the horses and to insect proof the underside of the cabin. We also had fun making cider, as we did with Mike.

Then, on the Saturday of our last work weekend, Austin, James, Steve, and Eric helped us insulate and cover the cabin floor. This was a full day of hard work necessitated by approaching rains. So many enthusiastic hands, along with hearts of goodwill, got the work done enough to weather the rain that fell Sunday. While we won’t be able to finish the cabin this Fall, it should be snug & dry over the Winter, ready for walls & roof whenever the Spring weather allows. (images)

We are blessed with many friends who add their skills to the building of Liberation Park. The going has been slow, with Santikaro travelling and Jo Marie working as a hospice nurse, but helping hands accomplish much more than the material progress. And more are coming in the remaining weeks of October.

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