Gratitude Day

We have much to be thankful for here at Liberation Park. Among them, the Fall weather has been mild, allowing us to get ready for the winter more easily. Life is less stressful than the first half of the year. And Jo Marie was just able to spent a week with Family in Walla Walla.

For Santikaro, among the many things to be grateful for, including improving health, Jo Marie tops the list. She is a delightful companion in life, in Dhamma study & conversation, in love, in work around the place, in thinking about responses to social realities, and in surviving cancer & chemo. She looks after my health better than I do, tho I am trying to learn what I can from her. She does most of the behind the scenes work that allows LP to continue. Her animal charges bring lots of joy & fun. Her caring for others is an inspiration. She warms my heart and makes the hard work of survival easier.

Many thanks, too, for all those who have aided us and continue to support us through the slow path of recovery. May your kindness fuel your practice of dissolving egoism and living with a free heart.

May all beings be well.

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