Guest House is receiving many visitors

Folks from Walla Walla, Milwaukee, Chicago, Pune, Texas, Evanston, Menominee, Madison, Cambridge, Viroqua, St Louis, Toronto, and elsewhere have been making consistent and ample use of the Guest House. They stay in the Garden and Valley Hermitages, the Guest Room and Office of the Guest House itself, and the Canvas Hermitages. We are delighted to share Tara’s Vale with them and explore Dhamma together. We appreciate those who are able to pitch in with the on-going care and maintenance. The effort and expense of the project appears to be bearing fruit, especially if this stream of retreatants and Dhamma students continues into Winter. Here is a gallery of faces and facilities.

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5 Responses to Guest House is receiving many visitors

  1. Ellyn says:

    Wonderful to see everyone enjoying it. Well done! Now time for some rest and to enjoy it.

  2. Aew says:

    Love the pictures?
    Any gardening this year?
    Love you all,

  3. santi says:

    Too much Fall work for resting a lot. Still, we have breathers: daily meditations on the new porch or inside depending on weather, plus a weekly study class and a weekly discussion.

  4. santi says:

    The garden was changed by the construction and pathway to the side and back doors. Still, the top soil wasn’t ruined and the asparagus bed made it through OK. We recently added compost bins with help from Scott and Bill.
    Bill has reshaped and planted two garden beds. Beets are thriving in one and spinach in another. We’re already enjoying the early harvests. He is getting another bed shaped for next Spring. More will be added as we are able.

  5. santi says:

    In front of our cottage, the Black-Eyed Susan jungle has returned. Some are poking up through our front stairs, a welcome greeting. Cone flowers are fading. Queen Anne’s Lace and Chicory add white and purple color to the yellow of Black-Eyed Susans. Sumacs are adding burnt red in other areas. Before we know it Fall colors will arrive.

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