Guest House work 2: digging

The serious work has begun. Bill was here with his digger to dig out space for the foundations and ‘frost walls’ beneath outer walls. There’s now a big hole in the ground for the Guest House and a smaller one for the Guest Cottage. It’s a little scary, as well as impressive, and necessary. With our hilly land, we can’t just plop down a concrete slab. Bill was good at piling soil in appropriate places and enhanced the root cellar a lot, helping to mitigate an old problem.

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As we staked out the sites last week, we realized that water lines we put in many years back had to be moved. At that time we anticipated a ‘community building’ and the root cellar had already been built. But we couldn’t anticipate the design and size that evolved over the last year. Fortunately, the outdoor plumbers who originally did our water system were able to schedule us immediately. Jon, who removed everything, and his boss Don, were able to relocate the water line from the well to the root cellar and the lines from the root cellar to barn and garage. As a bonus, they also dig in a line to the new cottage and to the guest house. It all went smoothly.


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