Guest Houses work 3: foundations

Sid’s Concrete framed and poured the footers for the foundations last week (Aug 18). Down pours intervened and required a sunny Sunday for drying out. Here are pictures of Sid’s work, which nicely outlines the foot prints of the two buildings …

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Sid’s crew was back Monday (Aug 22) to frame and pour the walls, despite puddles in the trenches, then remove forms the next day.

Now we really have a visual sense of how the building will fit with the hillside, even though most of this concrete will below grade. As planned, the root cellar will be protected by the guest house, with a nice garden space between. The guest cottage is nearby so that it can share utilities.

Next up is drilling the three wells for the geothermal heating system (August 24-26). Then other below the floor work, such as radon mitigation. Images of that to come.

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