Happy Birthday USA

Today is a good day to be grateful for what is best & beautiful about this land and country, and their peoples. While patriotism accumulates various odors when abused for the sake of arrogance, war mongering, and racism, “love of country” also can be healthy, kind, and wise. The breadth and beauty of the varied landscapes is worthy of great gratitude, especially if that motivates us to care for them all. The rich diversity of peoples here, though not yet fully equal, provides character and creativity, and teaches respect. Truly democratic values and aspirations have played an important role here, even as they must constantly be protected and cultivated, even more so today.

Many blessings to be thankful for, without smugness.

And may we be mindful of all who have suffered here and abroad, American and other, whatever their species, along the way. May we dedicate our lives to lessening that suffering.

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