Happy by the barns

Entertaining the neighbors

Our little flock is happy by the barns. They enjoy waddling back and forth browsing the grass. The horses, both our and neighbors, seem to enjoy them too. When the birds are being vocal, various equine faces turn for a gander.

Up by the shed

They turn out to be quite the troopers, too, clambering up the hill — at which most humans pause to catch their breath at least once — to return to the shed each evening. Perhaps they will need more time to realize that their new home is down the hill, near the creek, next to the horse barn.

The calm steady leader

Plenty of water down there, especially with all the rain we’ve been getting. The birds appear to thrive on the fresh grass and the seed heads coming out on some of the grasses. For some reason making mud puddles is extremely appealing.

Herding them into the coop at night, however, has become our latest evening sporting event. Do you know how many times a little flock of ducks can run around their coop in 20 minutes? Or scurry into the brambles to hide?

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