Home – Sweet – Home

flowers c/o Jean McGill, photo c/o Doug

I am typing this in Norwalk. After more than six months of treatment, my home base has returned home. Though I will visit Rochester from time to time, it is no longer my base of operations. With all due respects to Rochester and the Generosity of Doug McGill, his family, and sangha, it’s great to be home.

Leucocytes and neutrophils are doing very good, and platelets have begun trending up. The only laggards are the RBCs, so I was given two units this afternoon before Station 74 cut me loose. The PICC line was removed, along with my patient IV band. I’m down to just one med per day. Though there’s a lot of rejuvenating and rebuilding to do, the plane and style of action have shifted.

Actually, there’s one important piece left to the treatment process. We’ll be back in Rochester next week for the end of treatment PET scan and a meeting with Dr Carrie Thompson. Still, today is, for me, the big shift. I’m delighted to be home with Jo and critters and land.

pretty full

Yesterday evening, we had dinner with Doug and Donna. It was fun to take them out to the Indian Curry House for once. They’ve been wonderful hosts to us at their place and we have many favors to return. Most of all, we wish them much love in their partnership and steady progress is swimming the stream that goes against the current. Best wishes!

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